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Hi! I’m Kriti,

A storyteller & a passionate writer

Ilnkily is not just a name; it's a feeling about how we perceive something we have read or written. 'It Ends with Us' is a masterpiece written by Collen Hoover in which she tells her own story in the form of fiction.


Lily," the main protagonist, attracted me the most. Her soft yet bold nature made her more attractive. She is the main inspiration behind the name 'Ilnkily'. Why I named it 'It looks nice, Lily!" Because everything I see is nice and beautiful, plus I wanted to add an element of mine, so I added K in place of L, which made it 'ilnkily', not 'ilnlily.' 


My vision is to make Ilnkily popular among every age group. I want people to read my thoughts and my opinions through my blogs and articles. Making people see my point through my writings is what I have imagined.

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