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Haye Ni Apa, Phir Milaange: The Reality of Post-College Friendships

Haye ni apa phir milaange is a Punjabi song sung and written by Savi Kahlon. Do you know why I used this song as the title for my article? The reason is because the lyrics perfectly encapsulate the bittersweet truth about how friendships evolve after college.

Today I was sitting at a cafe, and three students were just sitting beside me talking about their farewell party.

Their white shirts were filled with heartfelt messages from their friends, and the smile and laughter that was shared between them made me realize how precious those moments are.

I guess one of them was in need of an extra shirt since her shirt was ruined during the farewell party. One of her friends was willing to give her the extra shirt, which she had brought along just in case.

Let me give them a fictional name to avoid any kind of confusion. Let's call the girl in need of the extra shirt, Riya, and her friend who offered it to her, Komal. "No, mai tujhe wapas kaise karungi yeh shirt?" said Riya.

"Arey aise thodi na hai yeh last meeting, and agli baar jab milengey tab wapas kar diyo," said Komal, insisting that Riya keep the shirt. Riya finally agreed, grateful for Komal's generosity.

And this sentence, "Yeh akhri meeting thodi na hai, hum aise he miltey rahengey," caught my attention. There was a time when I used to say all these things to my school friends.

I remember I promised Srishti, my school best friend, that we would always stay in touch and meet regularly, but unfortunately, life took us on different paths.

Now, we don't even wish each other a happy birthday or check in on each other. Life really does have a way of changing things, doesn't it?

The same happened with my college friends. Tanya was someone who was kind of close to me, but now we rarely speak.

I remember when we both used to work at the same firm, she always said to me, "Tujhse toh mai baat karna nahi chodungi," but whenever I replied to her messages, she used to reply in months or days. It's sad how friendships can fade away over time, but I guess it's just a part of life.

My father always said one thing that has stuck with me: "School ki dosti school tak he rehti hai, college ki dosti college tak rehti hai, aur office ki dosti office tak rehti hai." Nothing is permanent in life, and people change as they grow.

But one thing you can do for yourself and especially for them is to cherish the memories you shared together and be grateful for the time you had with them. Life is full of ups and downs, but the memories of good times can last a lifetime.

This "hum miltey rahenege even college ke baad bhi" is not the same for everyone. Everyone has a different story. Some may still stay in touch with their college friends even after college.

They may continue to make an effort to keep those friendships alive and strong to ensure that the bond remains unbroken despite the distance and time apart. Others may drift apart as they enter different stages of life and pursue different paths.

I kind of miss my school days, where I had a close-knit group of friends who I could always rely on. But I also understand that people change and grow, and sometimes friendships naturally fade away. The lyrics of the song 'Haye ni apa fir milaange' encapsulate this sentiment perfectly.

These lyrics convey a sense of deep love, longing, and hope for a reunion. The singer expresses a strong emotional connection with the person they love and emphasizes the certainty of meeting again, despite the challenges and distances they may face. The lyrics touch upon themes of separation, faith, and the belief that destiny will bring them back together.

The song talks about the promises friends make to meet again and stay in touch, but often life takes different turns, and those promises are not always kept. The theme of the song ties well with my article's topic who say they'll meet again after college, but it doesn't always happen.

Haye Ni Apa Fer Milange Oh, we will meet again,

Kade Na Kade Fer Milange Sometime, somewhere, we will meet again

Haye Ni Apa Fer Milange

We both will definitely meet

Kade Na Kade Fer Milange

Sometime, somewhere, we will meet again

Main Phool Banna Tu Taara Sajna

I want to be a flower, and you, my star, my dear

Kalla Ve Kuwara Sajna

I am a solitary bachelor, My dear

Milna Chahu Dobara Sajna

I want to meet again, my love

Fer Na Ladi Laara Sajna

Don’t make an excuse for not seeing me again, dear

Mitti Da Ban Dher Milange

We could meet after we’ve turned into ashes

Haye Ni Apa Fer Milange

Oh, we will meet again

Kade Na Kade Fer Milange

Sometime, somewhere, we will meet again

Haye Ni Apa Fer Milange

Oh, we will meet again

Kade Na Kade Fer Milange

Sometime, somewhere, we will meet again

Rab Jane Kad Milna Ye Ni Kacche Pakke Rahan Te

God alone knows where we will meet on the tough pathways of this life

Tere Te Yakeen Bada Par Hunda Naiyo Sawa Te

But the trust in you is strong, but I can’t express it

Palka Vi Na Band Kara Tu Samne Nigahan Te

Whenever I close my eyes only I see is you

Dil Karta Main Soja Aake Teriyan Ni Bahan Te

My heart wants to fall asleep in your arms

Tere Naal Ae Zindagi Meri Baitha Ae Tu Door Bada

My life is meant to revolve around you, yet you’re far away

Kiwen Kat Di Raatan Ve Main Hunadya Majboor Bada

I can’t sleep at night without you, what kind of compulsion is this?

Enna Sona Chehra Ya Te Chehre Utte Noor Bada

Such a beautiful face or your face keeps shining

Hokeyan Ch Na Lang Je Zingadi Hundaya Dil Choor Bada

This has never happened in my life. Nobody has ever been able to break my heart

Babe Di Hoyi Mer Milange

It’s been a long time since we met,

Kade Na Kade Fer Milange

Sometime, somewhere, we will meet again

Haye Ni Aapa Fer Milange

Oh, we will meet again

Ho Dekhi Soniya Dekhi Soniya

My dear, you have to believe, My dear, you have to believe

Aapa Milange Zaroor Ve

We will definitely meet

Ho Dekhi Soniya Dekhi Soniya

My dear, look at me, My dear, look at me

Aapa Milange Zaroor Ve

We both will definitely meet

Concluding Haye ni apa phir milaange

As we move forward in life, the promises made during our college days often become distant memories. "Haye ni apa phir milaange" captures the bittersweet essence of these unfulfilled promises.

While life’s unpredictable journey may take us on different paths, the memories of those carefree days and cherished friendships remain with us. It's important to treasure those moments, stay true to ourselves, and keep a hopeful heart.

Even if we don't meet again as planned, the bonds formed and the love shared during those years will always be a part of us. Let’s hold onto the essence of those promises and continue to cherish the friendships that shaped you.


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