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The Story Behind Ilnkily: From Idea to Reality

Lily flower

I never thought that my idea would actually become a reality. I am always a dreamer. Thinking and only thinking about my ideas, but never taking action. I always wanted to create a platform where I could share my thoughts, ideas, and creativity with others.

But it does cost you a fortune to create a whole damn website from scratch. But I finally decided to take the leap and invest in my dream. When I first started to earn money, I saved every penny until I had enough to bring my idea to life.

On April 26, 2023, I launched my website, and it was a surreal feeling to see my vision come to fruition. It was a long journey, but worth every moment of hard work and dedication.

The Inspiration Behind Ilnkily

I had a separate Instagram page for ilnkily, where I used to share my creatives and designs. But Instagram wasn't enough to fully showcase my work and connect with a wider audience.

This inspired me to create a platform where I could truly express my creativity and reach more people who shared my passion for design.

Ilnkily is kind of a unique name: I-L-N-K-I-L-Y. But do you know what it means? It took me around 2–3 days to come up with a meaning for the name.

That time I read "It Ends with Us," and I really loved the character of Lily. So, I combined 'ink' with 'lily' but still wanted to add a twist to make it more memorable and reflective of my artistic vision.

The result was Ilnkily, a name that represents the fusion of creativity and elegance in my design work. It's a name that holds personal significance and encapsulates my artistic journey.

Growing Ilnkily

I am still working on the growth of ilnkily. In the coming five years, I want to expand my portfolio and onboard more budding writers who can bring fresh perspectives to our projects.

This will not only help in broadening my reach but also in nurturing a community of diverse voices within the creative industry.

I have always wanted to become a writer, regardless of the niche I am writing for. But there are moments when I need freedom and liberty to explore new genres and styles.

This is why ilnkily is not just a platform for my own work, but a space for collaboration and innovation in storytelling.

I want to make ilnkily my ultimate creative hub where writers can come together to inspire and support each other in their craft. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, I hope to create a space where creativity can flourish and new ideas can thrive.

Final Thoughts

I am a procrastinator by nature, but Ilnkily has motivated me to push past my tendencies and consistently work towards my creative goals.

ilnkily encourages me to work for my dream of becoming a successful writer and to not give up on my passion for storytelling.

It serves as a constant reminder that, with dedication and support from others, anything is possible in the world of creativity.  

I am an animal and nature lover, and through ilnkily I hope that my writings can influence others to appreciate and protect the beauty of the natural world.

My ultimate goal is to use my creativity to improve the world around me and inspire positive change through my storytelling. With ilnkily's support, I am confident that I can make a meaningful impact and contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate society.



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